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高考英语万能作文 篇1

Dear manager,

Id like to apply for the position in your company. And I am now writing to tell you that I am eager for the position that you are advertising in todays newspaper.

One of my advantages for the position is that I am fit enough to meet all the requirements you have made. I was a top student while I was in university. Another advantage is that I have wide interests and am easy to get along with. What’s more,I have done some part-time work related to this position. As a consequence,I feel confident that I’m capable of doing the work well.

I shall be very grateful if I’m given an opportunity to the interview.

I’m looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

Yours respectfully,

Charles Smith

高考英语万能作文 篇2

Ladies and gentlemen,

How time flies! About half a year ago,we were happily here to give our American friend,Mr. White a warm welcome. Now he is leaving our company for his own country.

Although it is not a long time,Mr. Clinton has successfully accomplished his mission here. As a skilled and experienced engineer,he not only has helped us to fix the imported machine,but also he has instructed us how to operate and maintain it. He is always careful in his work and patient with the Chinese employees here. So,he is popular with the people around and has made quite a lot of Chinese friends. I am sure his stay here will be an unforgetable experience for both Mr. Clinton and all of us.

Now lets express our hearty thanks to him and wish him a pleasant journey home and good health.

高考英语万能作文 篇3

My holidays This summer, I was very happy. Although I didn't go out to travel. But my friends and me to a nursing home to help old people.In a nursing home, we introduce myself after, began to work for the old people. First of all, we first points groups. Some go to sweeping the floor, others to help old people back on,

some with old people, and my sorrows and other friends to help the old man sun wash the quilt.We started, we use the washing powder on the old people on the quilt, rub with the brush and rub, very tired. I understand the mother's hard work. Then, we will bask in the quilt.We stayed for a nursing home in the afternoon, and the old man say good-bye, I have decided to help your parents do some housework more in the future.

高考英语万能作文 篇4

Jan, 1st, 20xx

Dear parents,I know it’s a bit hard/difficult for you to accept my choice to apply to Tsinghua University (for further study). You have been taking good care of me during the past 18 years and in your eyes I’m a good boy who is always willing to follow your advice. But this time I do hope that you can allow me to make my own decision.Tsinghua University, one of the top universities worldwide, has appealed to numerous excellent applicants. Not only do they admire these distinguished scholars but also they can share the advanced teaching facilities and reference resources. In addition, graduatesfromTsinghua are bound to have more chances to find rewarding jobs. In this competitive society,I can prove myself an outstanding talent and make great contributions to the development of our nation.I know you are worried that I can’t look after myself if I go to Tsinghua. However, this will enable me to learn how to live independently and stand on my own feet. I really hope you can understand me and support my decision, which will benefit my future.


Xiao Er Wang

高考英语万能作文 篇5

Dear Leslie,

I ’m more than delighted to write to you ,providing you with some information in relation to our next class,which will be attended in Room 301 of the university library this Saturday morning.It will last three hours or sofrom8:00 to 11:00.

When it comes to the teaching plan,I ’ll spare some time to share Tang poetry with you. It is known to us that the Tang Dynasty plays a vital role in Chinese history,especially its economy and culture,both of which can create a deep impression on you.You ’ll find it impossible to avoid getting to know Tang poems as long as you want to study Chinese well and broaden your horizons.As a consequence, I ’ll put emphasis on analysing and appreciating poems of some distinguished poets,such as Li Bai and Du Fu.Therefore,you may as well collect some materials related to the Tang Dynasty ’s history in advance,which can help you to have a better understanding of Tang poetry.

I ’m looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua

高考英语万能作文 篇6

China is the biggest family with 56 ethnic groups. Among them, the HanChinese is the largest and the most highly developed group. The Han Chinese canbe found in many parts of China. They mainly live in the north plain region, themiddle and the lower reaches of Yangze River and Pearl River Deltas. The other55 groups are the minority ethnic groups. They are distributed in themountainous areas of southwest and northwest of China.

Being too far awayfrombig cities, the minority ethnic groups are poor ineconomy and there people are not well-educated. They have very fewunderstandings of science and technology. So they must develop theireconomy.

To help the people of the minority ethnic groups live better, thegovernment should take some effective measures. For one thing, more and moreknowledgeable undergraduates should be encouraged to those poor areas to helpthe people there to get rid of their poverty. For another, the advanced scienceand technology must be introduced into the minority ethnic groups to improvetheir living conditions. More importantly, people of the minority ethnic groupsshould be given equal opportunities to study and work. Only so will China bemore prosperous in the future.

高考英语万能作文 篇7

Dear Sir or Madam,

How are you doing? I am Li Hua, a 17-year-old teenager, who is crazy aboutdifferent cultures around the world. Recently, I learned in your officialwebsite that a volunteer is needed for an exhibition of Chinese traditionalpainting in London. So I am writing to apply for this position.

Here are three main reasons why I am the best choice for you. First andforemost, having lived in London for half a year before as an exchange student,I am undoubtedly good at EnglIsh; as a result, it is a piece of cake for me tointroduce everything to international friends. Besides, I learned Chinesepainting for more than ten years in my childhood; therefore, I do know a lotabout this great art form. Last but certainly not least, as vice monitor of ourclass, I am kind, patient and always ready to help others.

Hopefully, this wonderful chance would be offered to me. I have theconfidnece that I will have a great time. Looking forward to your reply.



高考英语万能作文 篇8

As the saying that it is never too late to learn, people are advocated tolearn all their lives. Today the world is changing fast, if we get satisfied andstop to improve ourselves, then we will be kicked out soon, so self-improvementare in need of. Reading is the most effective way to get improved. Books provideus all kinds of knowledge, we can know better about the world and make ourselvesthe smart persons. Another way is to go to the gym.

Doing exercise not onlymakes us look perfect, but also helps us live the healthy lifestyle. So manypeople work in the office and don't have the time to exercise, so they get sickeasily. Only the strong body can make people live well. Reading and takingexercise are the best ways to get self-improvement, it also cost less.

高考英语万能作文 篇9

They looked like a real football team — with snarling coach included. But the 10 men arrested at theweekendin Spain’s southern province of Cadiz were not going to play a match, despite their yellow and blue kit. They were drug traffickers who used their footballs, knapsacks and club strips, emblazoned with the team name of a local town, Guillen Moreno CF, as a ruse to fool border police as they passedfromthe Spanish enclave of Ceuta, in North Africa, to Algeciras, on the southern Spanish mainland, a police spokesman in Cadiz said.

The fake team would usually cross the Straits of Gibraltar into the province of Cadiz on Saturday afternoons with the hash tucked beneath their jerseys and stage a drama to enhance their credibility before border agents. The supposed manager, 49, would carry a roster in his hand and continuously bark at the young men “Everybody pay attention, everybody stay right here!” and “Come on, follow me!”.

The players would cross back to Ceuta on Sundays after the fictional match and actual drug sales in Spain. Police do not know how long the fake season lasted before a tip spurred an investigation. The gameended when officers stopped their cars in Cadiz and found a total of 16kg of hash hidden beneath the men’s strips in little pellets taped to their bodies.

高考英语万能作文 篇10

Dear World Child Foundation organizers,

My name is Jerry Lu, a student currently studying at Shanghai High school. I am writing, on behalf of my classmates, to apply for the2000yuan's worth of fund in a bid to initiate a program aimed at helping those students who are financially disadvantaged.

Being raised in families that don’t have to worry about putting food on the table need not mean oblivion to our less fortunate peers. On this account, we would appreciate it if you could sponsor our poverty-reliefendeavor. The following is how we would go about using the money. We would spend1500 yuan purchasing some stationery for the needy students in a poverty-stricken area. It is worth noting that we would inform them to pick up the school supplies themselves instead of us “doling out” the supplies so that we wouldn’tendup embarrassing those who we want to help. The remainder of the fund would be used to invite a motivational speaker who was to talk about how to lift oneself out of poverty by making right academic and professional decisions.

At theendof the day, our efforts might only trigger a ripple in the lives of some young people, but who knows what butterfly effects these young minds may have on tomorrow's world?

We would be much obliged if you could reply at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Jerry Lu

高考英语万能作文 篇11

New Year's Day is one of important days for many people in the world during the year. Most people spendthe New Year's Day in hotels. January 1st is considered as the New Year's Day. Most companies, shops, school, and government offices are closed during that time. People prepare for New Year's Dayfromlate December.

First, people spenda few days to clean their houses completely. Some families then put up some new paintingfromNovember to be sent in January. The New Year's meal is also preparedfromtheendof December. During the New Year's Day, people usually do not cook and relax at home. On New Year's Eve, it is common to have a bag dinner with family members or friends at home or in hotels and hear bells which informs us of the coming New Year. On New Year's Day, people greet each other.

Some people wear new coats and visit temples to pray for happiness and health through out the New Year. Children are busy with getting the giftsfromtheir parents and relatives.

高考英语万能作文 篇12

Health is our most important possession, so we should do our best to maintain it. As we all know, good health is necessary to happiness and success. On the contrary, people who are in poor health are often pessimistic or depressed. As a rule, bad health means misery and failure.

As far as I'm concerned , there are three principal suggestions for us to follow. First of all, we should adopt a scientific diet, which provides the necessities for your body. The second one is that we are supposed to persist in taking physical exercise , especially the people working indoors. Last but not least, we are supposed to stay in a cheerful mood.

As for me, in order to keep fit, I force myself to keep awayfromthe "junk food" although it usually tastes good. Moreover, I even form good habits of doing morning exercises, listening to beautiful music and reading good books, which always cheer me up.

All in all, only by carefully obeying the laws of health can we keep ourselves healthy.

高考英语万能作文 篇13

My mother is the person I respect most.She plays an important role in my life,not only as a mother but also as a friend.

As a mother,she takes good care of the family and she is never upset about mymistakes.She works hard in the company.She's always warm-hearted and ready tohelp others.She sets a good example to me.I have learned to work hard andrespect people around.As a friend,she knows a lot about me and gives me helpwhenever it's necessary.

My mother has a great influence on me and I respect her most.

高考英语万能作文 篇14

For the young people, it is very important to have ambition, they need the motivation to move on. But most of them are just talking about the ambition and never take the action. The action is as important as the ambition. On the one hand, ambition sets up the goal for a person to fight. Without ambition, no one can be successful, ambition is just like the light in the dark, it leads people to see the bright future. On the other hand, action helps people to realize their dreams. Sometimes, action even is more important than the ambition. Everyone has the ambition, but the action makes them different. The one who just keeps thinking and not to take action will never be successful. As the saying that no pain, no gain, it reminds people to take action. So we need to have both ambition and action.

高考英语万能作文 篇15

In recent years, extravagance and waste have become increasingly serious in some of the university campus. We can see that papers, bottles and cans are thrown away after use; food is wasted just because of its poor taste; clothes are discarded simply owing to their old fashion. As a consequence, people in mounting numbers put great emphasis on creating a green campus.

There are at least two criteria to distinguish what is green campus. On the one hand, natural resources must be conserved and made full use of, for example, we, as college students, should take the wise use of papers and second-hand textbooks into account. On the other hand, education to build up thrift habits must be promoted by relevant departments and professionals at various levels.

Accordingly, it is necessary for us to take effective steps. For one thing, university authorities should respond with the demand for more rigid conservation of our natural resources, such as water, electricity, and so on. For another, we should enhance the awareness of college students that creating a green campus is of utmost significance to both our society and ourselves.

高考英语万能作文 篇16

Last Sunday was unforgettable when my classmates and I went to a farm to pick up fruits.

Early in the morning, with the sun risingfromthe horizon, we, chatting laughing all the way, set out to our destination, which is located in the suburb of the city. On arrival, we saw a large field with a large number of trees and bushes, birds singing in the sky, butterflies flying everywhere, which are not only beautiful but also inspiring. Immediately, we started to work, picking apples, peaches and strawberries. Two hours later, with all our baskets full, we finished our job, feeling a great sense accomplishment. Exhausted as we were, we felt our time and effort worthwhile, for we had enjoyed a closer relationship with the nature.

What a memorable day it was!

高考英语万能作文 篇17

Wele to Baishan Mountain Hotel

Baishan Mountain Hotel is now open for business.

Our hotel stands 500 meters awayfromthe entrance to Baishan Mountain. It has 20 single rooms and 15 double rooms,all with hot showers. A single room is 100 yuan and double room 150 yuan for one night. You are advised to book in advance. The hotel serves three meals a day and there are Chinese food and western food for you to choosefrom. You can also enjoy yourself at the café drinking tea or coffee in the evening. We also have a swimming pool,which is open all day and free of charge.

All are wele!

高考英语万能作文 篇18

The world is colorized, every color has its special meaning. Red stands for passion,green symbolizes peace,blue indicates calmness,white signifies purity. The painters can use their colors to outline the while world, the cameraman can shoot the mixed world by their camera. The rainbow is made up of 7 colors. The white contents 7 colors. The tricolor,posed by red,yellow,and blue, can produce every color in the world. In the variety of colors, I like white most,not only it is a simply color,but also it is a symbol of neatness. The white is the most popular color in wedding, because it stands for the pure love. The snow is white, it symbolizes the beautiful angel drop to our world. Another reason,I like white most,is that it indicates blank. You can image all on it.

高考英语万能作文 篇19

Dear Sir,I'm writing to tell you something about our discussion on the topic“Whether Middle School Students Can Carry Mobile phones (Cell phones)" at the class meeting.Forty percent students agreed, for they thought it was convenient for them to municate with their relatives and friends. They also thought they could surf the Internet to search for some information and store some useful information in the meantime. Besides, they could play games for rest if they feel tired after a long time's study. However, sixty percent of us were against it. They said the radiation of cellphones was harmful to health, and the ringing sound did somewhat affect the cellphone holders and others. Also, cellphones were luxurious things for middle school students and it was easy to lead them to pare with each other.As far as I am concerned, I agree with the majority. It is not suitable for middle school students to have cellphones. We can get in touch with others by other means and we can read more books to enrich ourselves.Best wishes.

高考英语万能作文 篇20

Dear editor,

As we all know, homework plays an important role in Chinese education. Students do homework to strengthen what they've learnt in class and meanwhile prepare for the new lessons.

But too much homework is really a heavy burden for Chinese students. They have little time to take physical exercise and some wear thick glasses because exercises take up most of their spare time. They also suffer punishments if work is done badly or late. After years of bad homework experiences, some of them lose interest in study and hate school life.

So I think homework is necessary, but it needs to be well designed and shouldn't take up all the students' spare time. Only in this way can the students find pleasure in their homework and become more interested in study.

Best wishes.


Li Hua

高考英语万能作文 篇21

Miss you so much, the spring is in my heart! I call you in winter, the flowers and plants of the earth know my heart.

How could theendof the cold shut my love for you, eager to spring scenery covered my heart. Your smile is like a song, moistens my love for you! Your figure is like a river, moistens my love. Sun sets, stars out, year after year, usher in the dawn each were shining brilliantly, and off the innumerable cloud all the evening, but remained motionless, I wait for you a winter love is!

You are like a ray of sunshine in winter, stroking my face and heart. You wake up the sleeping earth, and make the whole world full of energy.

The rain silently, mingled with underground, dripping on the land, to give the earth a little moist, make the earth vitality. You let leaves fully absorb the rain which nature gives.

The birds are singing in the branches back, as if to pour out your arrival. Grass in the wind dancing to music performed by you, as if in a welcome meeting for you. Through the windblow, I saw the wonderful rain, see you in the rain. Proverb says: "Rain in spring is as precious as oil". It is no wonder that the flowers begin to bloom after the spring rain.

Let us embrace the touching spring, put the dreams of the spring into their full lofty sentiments, and sprinkle with sweat infiltration in the spring of faith, to the autumn harvest fruitful hope!

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